How to Download AP New Rice Cards Online 2020

Download AP New Rice Cards Online 2020 

You Can Download with Any of your family members Aadhar card Number. 

How to download new Rice card number:

first you have to know your Rice card number with the help of old ration card number or your aadhar number. Then you can download new rice card .

There are Two Methods to download Your RICE card.

1st Method:

Enter your Rice Card Number Below and 
click SUBMIT to Download your New Rice Card

Enter Your Rice Card Number


Click on the submit button to Download  Rice Card

If You Dont Know Your New Rice Card Number Then You Can Get It from the link below.

Just Open that Link and Enter Your Aadhar card number and click submit 
you will get details with your New RICE Card Number there.

2nd Method:

Link 1: To get Your Rice card Number

Link 2: To Download Your Rice Card

Steps to be follow for Downloading New Rice card:
  1. Goto this link and 
  2. Enter your old ration card number (or) aadhar number.
  3. Then you will get your family complete details with aadhar card numbers, old ration card number and also New Rice card number
  4. Add your New Rice card number at the end of the link provided below and open that link to download your New Rice card

add your New Rice card number after = 
in the above link and 
copy the full link and 
open in browser to download your new rice card. 

Example: If New Rice Card Number is 1234567890 then the link will be

If You have any doubt please comment below or watch the video provided here to Live Explanation.

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  1. it is empty. na ration number cheptanu can u download and send to me ????....