26th January 2019 happy Republic Day WhatsApp viral wishing script website

26th January 2019 happy Republic Day WhatsApp viral-wishing script website

26th January 2019 happy Re-public Day WhatsApp viral  wishing website

In our last post we have discussed/explained about how to make wishing scripts like new year, pongal, christmas .. 

how to make free wishing script:-

1. make a blogger account
2. create a new blog
3. give Title and blog address
4. go to theme option and scroll down to revert to classic theme and click on it
5. delete that code completely 
7. open this script file with notepad++
8.  Copy  complete html code and  Paste  it in blogger theme
9. save theme
10. thats it... 

now blog was ready...
share your blog with your friends..

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  1. I have randomly visited this Script but now – I really Loved this Script and I am new to blogging so wish me good luck for makingRepublic Day Wishing Script